9 Things Cruise Lines Usually Won’t Mention

1. Fancy ships don’t always have staff or service to match.

2. The “gourmet” usually isn’t – and tends to be prepared in advance instead of cooked to order.

3. Ads might say champagne and caviar, but expect beer and pretzels.” Your sophisticated experience may turn out to be a more casual one. Even high-end cruise lines are down-scaling their dress code standards.

4. Booking airfare independently (on your own) is almost always (a lot) cheaper than letting the cruise line do it for you.

5. Not everything is included! You get most food, entertainment and coffee. You have to pay up for alcohol, merchandise, spa services, pictures, and anything else “optional” – including any shore excursions. Another significant expense for passengers is tipping the staff. Many cruise lines have begun charging a fixed gratuity for restaurant and custodial service, set at an average of $10 per guest, per day.

6. Stores recommended for shopping paid to be promoted. Excursions, which are not included in the cost of the cruise, are a “huge moneymaker” for cruise lines.

7. As soon as you step off the ship, you’re no longer covered by insurance provided by the cruise line. An outside comprehensive medical insurance policy makes more sense and is often less expensive. Make sure it’s a policy specifically designed for cruises and includes trip cancellation, illness coverage, and emergency evacuation expenses in case of a serious medical problem.

8. Almost all tickets allow cruise lines to change itineraries at their discretion – and not have to offer passengers refunds for skipping a port (although they may issue some kind of on-board credit).

9. Engine and weather-related problems are very common – resulting in canceling some or all port calls.

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