Get INTO Your Comfort Zone

People are never really “ready” for success; they are just comfortable with it. Many people claim we need to LEAVE our zone of comfort (to do more). Not so! What is needed is to E-X-P-A-N-D our comfort (zone) rather than abandon it – and to feel MORE rather than LESS comfortable… with ourselves, our abilities, our capabilities, and what may be new, different, or difficult (for us). Rather than limit us, comfort, and the desire for it, allows us to be, do, or have more.

When you are comfortable, you can do anything!

The more exposure, experience, and familiarity we have, the more comfortable, confident, competent, and successful we can become. Success is a process of making ourselves more comfortable – being, doing, or having (what we desire).

We cannot be successful when we are uncomfortable. Success requires competence. Competence requires confidence. Confidence requires comfort.

Confidence means with faith. Confidence comes from comfort and competence. Competence comes from consistency. Repetition is the mother of mastery. Comfort comes from exposure, experience, and familiarity. The belief, faith, or trust that we can be, do, or have something comes from having seen, been, done, or had something somehow similar – either in real life or in imagination.

Without faith, a man can do nothing; with it, all things are possible.
~ Sir William Osler

Another word for faith is fidelity. Another word for fidelity is trust. The opposite of being faithful is being unfaithful – and the lack, loss, or violation of faith and trust is known as infidelity. The more we trust (ourselves) and have faith (in being able to succeed), the more likely we are to do what is required to manifest what we seek. The motto of the United States Marine Corps is Semper fidelis – Always faithful. Focus, faith, and comfort are important keys to (any) success.

Attraction requires action (and an attitude of gratitude) – but receiving requires believing (that we can, will, and deserve to accept what we expect or desire). The more comfortable we become with an idea, the more likely we will be to act on it. The more we act, the more we can attract (as long as our focus remains consistent, congruent, and comfortable). What we believe we can achieve and receive is related to how comfortable we are thinking so. To get more OUT of life (and attract, create, and achieve desired and deserved success), get INTO your comfort zone and then E-X-P-A-N-D it to include and integrate what you desire.

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