How Much Junk Is In Your Trunk?

Big “but”, small “but”, old “but”, new “but”, don’t let YOUR “but” hold you back.

Your “but” is the “reason” or “excuse” you give for not being, doing, or having what you would otherwise. Your “but” may seem really appealing or convincing. It may offer “benefits” that seem serve you. Others may accept or even admire your “but”. Whether you eagerly or automatically show your “but” every chance you get or keep your “but” all to yourself, shyly or slyly sharing your naked “but” with no one (who might make fun of it or take it away), it’s no secret that your own “but” (rather than anyone else’s) is what most stops you from being, doing, or having something more, better, and what you could, would, and often should.

The size of your “but” doesn’t matter – if it has you sitting on your assets and not using them to move toward your dreams and desires. Your backside need not be your downside and “but” size or significance has little to do with your ability to move forward; neither does how much baggage you may be carrying.

While shedding what you don’t need may allow you to move faster and more easily, no matter how much junk is in your trunk, start where you are and use what you’ve got to get whatever else you want. It’s always possible to progress – unless you believe your “but” is bigger and more powerful than the rest of you.

Get off your “but”! Stand up – for yourself. Move forward – in the direction of your desire and what you deserve. If you fall back or down, get up, and start again. It’s fine to take small step and to move forward slowly or with effort, if you must, but get started. Do not delay. Start today. Once in motion, it is easier to stay in motion – physically and emotionally, professionally and socially.

If you can find a partner or travel companion who can help you unpack, share, or shed what you can as you go, so much the better, but the main thing is to never let your “but” cancel or talk you out of what you might otherwise seek or allow yourself to be, do, or have. If a padded caboose provides comfort, keep it – but keep it from keeping you from where you want to go and getting what you want in life. No need to reduce the size of your “but” – just the strength it may have in stopping you. Your “but” belongs behind you, not in front or in the way.

Your booty should be the treasure you seek – that allows you to go be, do, have, learn, share, and enjoy what you want, rather than just junk that keeps you stuck sitting in place unwilling or unable to be where or how you’d prefer.

Whenever you hear yourself say, “I would, BUT…” – STOP! Say no more!. Skip the rest. Focus on the what you said you would and find a way for you to do so.

BIG “but”? Simple Solution!

    1. Stop
    2. Stand
    3. Step – in the direction of your desire.

Keep stepping – until you get where you want to be. Don’t stop. When you get where or what you sought, don’t sit; stay standing – strong and supported.

“You can dance if you want to.” But, even you don’t dance, take a chance.
No matter how much junk is in your trunk, get off your “but” – and into action.

© 2012 – 2016, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

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