Best and Worst Prepared Cities

Some U.S. cities are more equipped and prepared than others to survive disasters. Disasters come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and severity.

The list of natural disasters is long: earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, snow and hail storms, fires, floods, solar flares, and volcanic eruptions are only a few of the most common that first come to mind.

The list of non-natural disasters is probably longer: gas leaks, oil spills, power outages, riots, nuclear meltdowns, terrorist attacks, economic collapse, and pandemic diseases are a but a few of the more recent human-caused disasters.

No matter how extensive, all disasters are experienced and responded to locally. The key to survive and and thrive and possibly even prosper with little or no panic or paralysis regardless of potential problems playing out is to:

    1. Pay attention – to People, Patterns, and Paradigms
    2. Plan with Purpose
    3. Prepare for Problems and Possibilities
    4. Practice the Plan – Personally and Publicly
    5. Proceed and Progress according to the Plan

You can ignore reality – but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. ~ Ayn Rand

The 10 best prepared cities [based on disaster readiness scores]:

    1) New York City, NY [Score: 99.6]
    2) Dover, DE [Score: 97.6]
    3) Chicago, IL [Score: 97.3]
    4) Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY [Score: 96.6]
    5) Washington, D.C. [Score: 94.6]
    6) Buffalo, NY [Score: 93.6]
    7) Dallas, TX [Score 93.3]
    8) Orlando, FL [Score: 93.2]
    9) Miami, FL [Score: 91.6]

The 9 worst prepared cities [based on disaster readiness scores]:

    1) Albuquerque, NM [Score: 50.6
    2) Seattle, WA [Score: 53]
    3) Birmingham, AL [Score: 54]
    4) Fresno, CA [Score: 56]
    5) Pittsburgh, PA [Score: 57]
    6) Portland, ME [Score: 58]
    7) Hartford, CT [Score: 59]
    8) Little Rock, AK, [Score: 60]
    9) Charleston, WV [Score: 64.6]

Source: americas-most-and-least-disaster-proof-cities

5 Places NOT to be – during an Economic Collapse:
1. Israel
2. Southern California
3. England
4. New York City
5. Washington, D.C.

“Unless you move, the place where you are is the place where you will always be” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Contingency planning of any kind should consider the choices and consequences of both staying and moving.

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The relative safety and danger of cities worldwide is a factor of quality of living – that can affect how happy and sad the residents are.

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